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Personal Information

I'm a retired technical writer who grew weary of wearing the coat and tie and fighting rush hour traffic.
I needed to make a change.

From downtown to the great outdoors. 54.8 K

(Photos by Brian Bergeson and Elizabeth Landry Foster.)

So I moved to a place in the mountains above Lyons, Colorado

Home on the Front Range. 70.6K

that I share with the deer and the squirrels and the bears and the mountain lions and the birds

and my very best friend Deborah.

Deborah and sled dog - 50.7 K (Check out her site at http://www.savorypalette.org.)

Pics from our Costa Rican Vacation 1996

An ecological and transportational adventure.

Pics from our Scottish Vacation 1999

Road trip. Click on the map to select a numbered stop along the way.

Pics from our Mexican Vacation 1999-2000

A Yucatan getaway at the end of the century.

Pics from our Icelandic Vacation 2000

A ten-day drive around the island of fire and ice.

Pics from our New Zealand and Fiji Honeymoon 2005

We explored the South and North Islands in a camper van, combing the countryside for internet access to keep our teaching and writing jobs, then fell into a relaxed puddle in a Hideaway Resort on Fiji.

Pics and video from our Alaska cruise May 2006

A Cordon Bleu cruise up the inside passage. Yum!

Pics and video from our Antarctic cruise February 2007

Three weeks at the Antarctic Peninsula and the End of the Earth.

Pics and video from our West Africa and West Indies cruise April 2010

A month-long cruise up the west coast of Africa from Capetown, across the Atlantic, and through the West Indies to Florida.

Pics and video from our Galapagos tour December 2015

Ten days aboard the National Geographic Islander, a 48-passenger catamaran that took us to nine of the islands in this enchanted archipelago and introduced us to the unique species of wildlife that live there.

Pics from our polar bear romp November 2017

Seven days on the tundra in Churchill, Manitoba, where polar bears amble out of the boreal forest onto the ice of Hudson Bay to hunt seals.

E-postcards from our last seven honeymoons

Deborah and I got married at the Summer Solstice 2004, and we've been honeymooning ever since.

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