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Single-Source Resumes

My resume in a variety of formats, all generated from the same FrameMaker source document.

Source Document

The original FrameMaker file with "print" conditional text displayed, saved in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

WebWorks Help

WebWorks Publisher's cross-platform HTML online help format. Runs on any Windows computer with either Internet Explorer or Netscape browser installed.

Microsoft HTML Help

Microsoft's compiled HTML online help. Requires Windows 95 or higher and Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.

Microsoft WinHelp

Microsoft's original compiled online help format.


XML rendered as HTML. Requires an XML-compatible browser.

About Single-Sourcing

Single-sourcing is simply producing multiple versions and formats from the same source document. Follow these links for a description of how it is done:

Single-Sourcing for Real

Affordable single-sourcing for real-world small businesses and startups. This slide show describes how a single writer can deliver professional-quality help and printed manuals to users and translators quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively using FrameMaker, WebWorks Publisher Professional, and a few other tools and tricks.

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